Refurbishment of the Provinces Françaises housing project - Nanterre


Bérim developed a refurbishment department in the early eighties to meet the need for competent management of the technical, financial and social aspects of the refurbishment of subsidized housing.

In the course of the past thirty years, the Refurbishment Department has developed a set of capabilities specific to this domain by working on initiatives summarizing the work of the various tradesmen and professionals involved, consulting with local inhabitants, offering a menu of services, and proposing adaptations for each type of building (landscaped housing projects, low-cost housing (HBM), popular, family housing (LOPOFA)) by developing a database of work and prices that can be exploited with a proprietary specifically developed tool.

With an equal desire to serve both project owners and inhabitants, the Refurbishment Department is developing new tools adapted to today’s urban renewal marked by demanding ecological and energy requirements in order to provide more ecological, energy-efficient refurbishments.