Values, commitments


Since our foundation in 1948, Bérim has tirelessly worked to forward the common good in regions with strong economic growth and major societal needs.

In the early years, Bérim was primarily absorbed with rebuilding substandard housing, and building subsidized housing and institutional facilities, infrastructures, and other urban development projects.

More recently, however, urban densification has given rise to new needs and greater demands for quality in developing and managing the urban landscape.

The need to take account of social and environmental impacts also adds its share of complexity to our work.

The world is changing and central French authorities have been gradually delegating their competencies to the regional level, as the regions are in the process of being restructured. Urban projects are now being decided and taking shape on a new scale, ranging from decentralization laws to the creation of metropolises and the Grand Paris program.

Bérim and its subsidiaries have enriched their range of businesses to meet these needs in light of the asserted desire to standardize regulations to preserve resources and manage environmental impacts, specifically in terms of water, sanitation and heating network management, ultimately in order to enhance the general quality of urban life.



Bérim actively follows urban, political and social events to support local decision makers in their thinking and to help them confront these ongoing transformations.

 The Bérim group can rely on the expertise of our various units to provide the know-how required to implement development projects effectively.

 To address this need, we created Agi2d, whose name signifies “Taking action for sustainable development, and more recently, the Sorec-based Bérim Contracting Assistance Department. We positioned Orgeco upstream of projects to address sociological analyses, urban development and regional strategy issues.

 A wider range of professions and greater employee expertise demonstrate Bérim’s desire to maintain the highest level of technical excellence and provide our private- and public-sector clients with creative, modern and reliable solutions based on the best available techniques in line with current societal trends.


After successfully facing these societal transformations in the course of our history, Bérim continues to uphold our distinctive values while incorporating how the world is changing today:

  • Ethics and recognition of the primacy of the common good over private interests,
  • Financial independence and business sustainability,
  • Socially responsible management, recognition of the importance of the individual,
  • Forward-looking culture, up to date on technical, economic, political and professional trends,
  • Ability to work collectively.


Our demonstrated commitment to serving the common good are highly motivating for our workforce, so that we can proudly state: