A word from the chairman

The lackluster European economy has placed enormous constraints upon local communities and business, and significantly impacted project development, just as the need for ecological solutions and more energy efficient residential and institutional buildings has never been so great, to cite but one example of today’s rapidly arising demands.

Recent measures taken to reorganize the regions of France and the time required for those now responsible to take stock of the situation in the various regions may easily postpone critical decisions in many domains affecting the everyday lives of the people of our country.

The fundamentals upon which Bérim was founded ensure that our expertise continues to be valued in this challenging context. Indeed, Bérim continues to be a forerunner in the art of construction thanks to our financial independence, our recognition of the primacy of the common good, our forward-looking culture and our ability to incorporate societal changes and leading-edge professional practices.

Digital BIM and 3D modeling tools were applied in designing the Ajaccio hospital (Samir Farah) and the regional supreme courthouse (TGI) in the Batignolles Joint Development Zone (ZAC) (Architect: Renzo Piano). We are actively participating in the projected extension of the T1 tramway line to the town of Fontenay-sous-Bois, as well as the construction of Grand Paris Express Train stations, secondary schools and the Grand Documentary Facility (GED) of the Condorcet Campus (Architect: Christian de Portzamparc).

Firmly supported by our Agi2d, Orgeco and Sorec subsidiaries, and our 400 employees, Bérim will remain a major engineering firm in continental France and the French overseas territories, as well as internationally. We will to work diligently to develop intelligent and sustainable solutions and listen attentively to the needs of our partners.

Michel Bleier