Elizabeth and Christian Portzamparc designed the winning project in the competition held by the Ile-de-France Region

Construction of the Grand Documentary Facility (GED) for the Condorcet Campus

The Grand Documentary Facility, or GED, constitutes a resolutely modern 21st century library integrating the latest digital technology, to be financed collectively by the ten founding members of the Condorcet Campus for the purposes of building an interdisciplinary center for research in social and human sciences.

The architects, Elisabeth and Christian Portzamparc, have designed a structure open to the outdoors to allow a variety of passersby to discover and take possession of the space, with a large central plaza, public gardens and open transversal forum providing access to the various services offered by the facility.

The low-tech, bioclimatic environmental design of the GED takes advantage of the inertia of concrete to provide warmth in winter and natural ventilation in summer.