The support we provide to private- and public-sector project owners at every stage of the realization of their urban projects is necessary to ensure we meet the changing needs of our clients effectively, and Bérim regularly integrates new capabilities to this end.

Our missions 

  Bérim’s technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of the full gamut of urban issues is translated into various facets: consulting, project management, contracting assistance and sustainable development.


 Project Management: Feasibility studies to project realization, Bérim provides our clients with all required technical and financial components from the initial decision to final project delivery.

Contracting Assistance: Technical, financial and administrative support to provide expertise in line with public policies in order to meet the needs of project owners at every stage of urban planning and construction.

  Sustainable development: Designing, building and developing truly sustainable cities.

 Consulting: Defining needs to making decisions. A diverse range of capabilities—architects, town planners, legal experts, program managers and engineers—enables Bérim to build unique solutions adapted to the specific needs of each project.

 Technical Expertise / Technical Division: Covers the capabilities of the various technical disciplines involved in construction.

 BIM: A new dimension for projects.

Water and Sanitation: Urban water expertise and know-how.

  Energy and Environment: Deals with the major issues of managing and safeguarding natural resources.

 Internationally:  Bérim’s capabilities new to serve emerging countries in Asia and Africa.


Our Professions

 A multidisciplinary design engineering firm, Bérim covers the entire range of construction and urban development capabilities, and counts upon innovative design technologies and specialists. Experts from our Technical, Energy and Environment, Water and Sanitation Divisions use their extensive know-how to serve our clients’ projects.


A word from chairman

The lackluster European economy has placed enormous constraints upon local communities and business, and significantly impacted project development, just as the need for ecological solutions and more energy efficient residential and institutional buildings has never been so great, to cite but one example of today’s rapidly arising demands.

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