Vietnam - Construction of the Vung Tao water treatment plant. Funding from the French Finance Ministry's Reserve for Emerging Country.

 Vietnam - Design of the sanitation network for the town of Hoi An (UNESCO World Heritage site) – Funding from the French Finance Ministry's Emerging Country Reserve.

Vietnam - Construction of the Lao Cai solid waste treatment plant – French Agency for Developement (AFD)

Algeria - External audit of delegated water and sanitation public service management contracts for the towns of Algiers, Annaba, Constantine and Oran.

Bérim’s long experience and extensive know-how developed in France now serves emerging countries in Asia and Africa.


 Bérim has made a proactive choice to focus strongly on environmental expertise in its development activities.


Funding for consulting and even developer contracts depends on international development sources, as well as local, public and private funds.

  Bérim has worked continuously in Vietnam for the past fifteen years and now more extensively in Southeast Asia, with dedicated on-site teams, local partners, and the expertise of staff from company headquarters. Bérim is also a shareholder of Archeétype Environnement.

  Bérim regularly participates in decentralized cooperation initiatives conducted by local French communities with local authorities.

  Our béArim subsidiary in Algeria integrates the know-how of both local and international engineers.


  In Gabon, Bérim participates as a multidisciplinary technical engineering consultancy in public- and private -sector construction projects.