Construction of a water treatment plant in Le Havre (76) – Project owner: Urban Community of Metropolitan Le Havre (CODAH) (76)

Val d’Allier drinking water plant - Clermont-Ferrand (63)

Urban water: Bérim provides water and sanitation expertise and know-how to local communities.


Our mastery of the full range of urban components along with recognized technical and institutional expertise makes Bérim a preferred stakeholder in the urban water sector.


Going beyond the strict regulatory framework: Bérim doesn’t simply provide technically and economically viable responses to applicable sanitary and environmental standards, but strives every day to anticipate and broadly integrate all of the short- and medium-term objectives of local communities, including heritage management, recycling of treated water, micro-pollutant treatment, alternative rainwater management, intelligent facilities, etc. These are all areas in which the Water and Sanitation Department can provide high quality assistance.


An integrated environmental offer: Bérim is able to provide integrated environmental engineering both in France and abroad, due to our relentless concern for facilities operability and total cost optimization. Bérim’s scope of skills extends to hydraulic and energy component interfaces, including alternative energy sources, treatment plant energy optimization, energy recycling (recycling of calories emitted by networks, digestion, cogeneration, etc.).


Our areas of competence

 General and specific studies

 Project management

 Contracting assistance      

 Supervision of works

  Assistance to public water and sanitation service management (utility boards, delegated services)



Our business lines

 Urban wastewater collection, transfer, storage and treatment

 Rainwater: source reduction, collection, management and treatment

 Drinking water production, storage, treatment and distribution

 Reduction of hazardous substances and micro-pollutants

 Public water and sanitation service management