Bérim has an active innovation policy and regularly takes part in competitions, project tenders and consultations on technical and technological trends in construction, energy and the environment, as well as trends in engineering.


Bérim consequently decided to adopt a 3D design approach.

After winning the PPP competition for the design of the future Paris Central Courthouse (Palais de Justice) (Architect: Renzo Piano) with Bouygues in 2011, the 3D approach, initially utilized by the group to initiate studies, has laid the groundwork for the development of new digital modeling methods and protocols to exchange information with other stakeholders. 

Bérim’s experience and subsequent decision to employ this new design tool more broadly demonstrates our determination to address today’s challenges immediately, as illustrated by our use of BIM to develop the winning design of the Ajaccio hospital center (Architect AART) in September 2013.

This project provides an opportunity to complete our digital modeling system skills. In this case, Bérim is in charge of structural engineering, roads and utility networks (e.g. central kitchen).


Within each dedicated department, every technical discipline at Bérim currently masters 3D design using Revit Building Design Suite and Infrastructure Design Suite software. Both of these applications provide extensive IFC solutions  to ensure interoperability around a common data model.