The Technical Division is responsible for ensuring technical studies and production of Île-de-France regional division management centers.


The Technical Division supports the capabilities and resources of Bérim’s specialized branches and divisions, and groups the technical disciplines involved in construction into various functional departments—structures, fluids, construction economics, civil engineering, roads and utility network infrastructures.


Technical skills :

 Climatic engineering: Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, building management systems, renewable energy, energy audits

 Electronic engineering: High-voltage current, low-voltage current, fire safety systems, tension currents, low currents, IF, access control, BMS and VDI systems, passenger and freight elevators, travelators, photovoltaic systems

 Sanitary and hydraulic equipment: plumbing, sanitation equipment, medical and special fluids, fire protection systems

 Catering services: central kitchens, inter-business cafeterias, collective catering services

 Building/Civil Engineering: Reinforced concrete structures, metal and wood frames, special foundations, weatherproofing, building fire safety

 Construction economics: project economics, prescription, financial management arm

 Roads and utility networks: roads, miscellaneous networks, urban civil engineering.

 Maintenance engineering: PPP, continuous repair and maintenance systems


The headquarters Technical Division employs 80 engineers, technicians and designers.

The branches also possess technical capabilities.