Who are we ?

independent engineering consultancy

As local communities faced the formidable challenge of rebuilding the country in the wake of the Second World War, four engineers got together to found Bérim in 1948. One of these men was Raymond Aubrac.

Bérim bears this prestigious heritage proudly as a badge of honor.

Bérim has always and will continue to derive its strength from an intimate understanding of the important issues of our time.

Bérim specializes in construction, as well as urban and environmental techniques.

Our staff of 400 employees, including over 320 engineers, managers and technicians, is our main asset.

Bérim provides consulting, project management and contracting assistance services for the technical and technological progress of construction, energy and environmental projects.

We place our capabilities, our independence, progressive thinking and sense of human respect at the service of local communities, in both the private and public sector. These values are the backbone of our development drawn from the spirit upon which the Bérim group was founded over six decades ago, and we will continue to uphold them to deserve the loyalty shown by our customers, partners and employees. 

Bérim, along with our subsidiaries, is a premier engineering firm not only in France, but across the globe. We are very active, for example, in Vietnam, a country much beloved by our first chairman, Raymond Aubrac. We are distinguished for our ability to combine the recent technical advances with detailed knowledge of the urban environment, while staying abreast of the latest trends in the art of construction.


Bérim management and organization



  Executive Directors


 Executive Committee alongside Senior Management


 Technical Division

Headed by Alain ROUAN et Renaud SACREZ, the Technical Division responsible for ensuring technical studies and production by regional division management centers for Île-de-France (greater Paris region). The Technical Division supports the capabilities and resources of Bérim’s specialized divisions and branches, and groups the technical disciplines involved in construction into various functional departments: structures, fluids, catering services, construction economics, civil engineering, roads and utility network infrastructures (VRD).


Regional Operational Divisions

Provincial branches serve as multidisciplinary centers for Bérim’s building and installation activities, and also help to develop and conduct the activities of three specialized departments: Energy and Environment, Water and Sanitation and Contracting Assistance.