Paris District Heating Company (CPCU) wood-coal co-combustion plant – Saint Ouen

Contracting Assistance for a pneumatic waste collection system installation in the future Clichy-Batignolles neighborhood, Paris 17th district

Project owner: Town of Paris


The management and safeguarding of natural resources is a critical issue for the 21st  century. Many problems are posed by the rarefaction and rising cost of raw materials and the impact of their use on the environment and the planet.


Energy and waste are among the environmental concerns that have resulted in a proliferation of laws and regulations since the signing of the Kyoto Protocol.

In December, the climate conference (COP 21) will be held in Paris. Many nations will work together at this conference to agree on the measures required to retain a scenario in which average global temperatures are prevented from rising more than 2 degrees by the end of the century.

Energy efficiency, renewable energies, heating networks, recycling and reuse of materials are central conference themes and will gradually become part of our everyday lives.

These contemporary demands are core to the activities and development of the Energy and Environment Department at Bérim, and permeate every assignment of twenty-five employees in the department.




Our areas of competence:

 Consulting and decision-making assistance

 Feasibility studies

  Contract renewal procedure assistance (audits, drafting of specifications, and assistance with consultations)

 Inspect of  management contracts (public service delegation contracts, etc)

 Negotiation of addendum contracts

 Construction of facilities and networks